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Functional Packaging Leader

One Touch Cosmetic Tube Packaging Solution Supplier

Since 2005, Menol Plastic have more than 15 years experience in manufacture Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes, Cosmetic packaging, PE Tubes, ABL Tubes, Cosmetic containers, Aireless Pump tubes, Lip gloss Tubes, Mascara Tubes etc

Mutual Respect: We trust amd value every customer. We solicit ideas and feedback. We understand and embrace cultural differences.

Embrace Change: We have willingness to grow and make outselves and customers better. We are flexible and adapt quickly new wave of change

Build For The Future: We have clearly defined vision and strategy that is communicated throughout the organization. We look for ways to do things tomorrow than we do toda

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We Love Nature

Menol mainly focued on environmentally- friendlly, we have do some strategys for the environment. We used bio-degradable plastic material, except that, we do PCR and Sugarcane material inside the plastic tube